Friday, January 14, 2005

READ posters

Viterbo University librarians in La Crosse, WI noted an interesting, and inexpensive way to advertise their library. For about $40, librarians created nine READ posters featuring featuring various campus celebrities According to Kim Olson-Kopp, Outreach and Technology Librarian on ACADEMICPR listserv , the posters receive a lot of attention and interest from faculty, staff and students. They are posted in the library hallway and they are present at library events.

I love the intiative here, and the way this academic library has found
an economical and fun way to advertise. Most of all, I like that the library used "real people" to put a face on the resources available. I'd imagine that the posters would grab attention because they feature professors and staff who are recognizable on campus.

I wonder if, in an academic setting, it might be useful to come up with a different catch phrase than "READ." Maybe something like "RESEARCH" would be better suited to this environment, although, I admit it's not as catchy.

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Dan Ream said...

I saw this same idea last year while visiting Duke University, where I saw (Duke English professor) Reynolds Price and (Duke university president) Nan Keohane posters there. Very impressive for both the library and the university as a whole.