Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Request for help answered

Nancy Dowd asked me to help her in library marketing record-breaker:

"Listen we need your help. Over here at the NJ State Library we’re conducting a marketing experiment to see if we can break the record for the most comments posted on a YouTube video. The idea is to have people post their three reasons and then pass the word to five friends. Of course what makes it even better is that it will be a library video that breaks the record! Hope you post and pass the word! Thanks, Nancy"
The 3 reasons are reasons you love the library. Here's the link to the YouTube video: You can read more about the initiative on Nancy's blog.

Ok! You know what to do. Hopefully, there are more than 5 readers out there, and I added my comment, so I've done my part. Good luck, Nancy! :-)

1 comment:

Nancy Dowd said...

I think so too! Thanks for getting the word out and for posting- it should be really neat for libraries if this takes off. -Nancy