Monday, March 26, 2007

Mom power

We hear a lot about Gen Xers and Yers, but what about Gen X and Gen Y moms? This influential, Web-savvy consumer segment is the topic of an Intelligence Group report, Mom Intelligence, which is discussed in a recent iMedia piece. These busy moms rely on the Internet to conduct banking and other transactions, learn about child care, socialize with other mothers, keep up with family, and get the scoop on products and services. Even though their schedules are full, they make time for using the Internet in search of people and things that will make their offline lives better, according to the research findings. They're also more likely than non-moms to spread the word on the useful services and products they encounter.

If these women are among your target patrons, this report offers lots of service ideas for you. For example, why not provide online tutorials, blogs, or webcasts to teach parents how to identify and evaluate quality information on child care? Librarians could also sponsor reading groups (online or in-person) that focus on childhood development issues and that perhaps draw in local service providers. The key, it appears, is to make services for this group quick, convenient, and online if possible by creating more specialized online content and taking advantage of the social networks they rely on for quality information. Is anyone currently reaching out to Gen X/Y moms with stories to share? Post them in a comment!

Note: The Intelligence Group offers a free daily newsletter on its Trend Central site (registration required). The focus is on youth culture, and recent topics include smartpox, gaming theaters, and popular music artists. This newsletter looks like it would be particularly great for you youth services librarians in the crowd, or those interested in pop culture.

Update: I just found a Trend Central report on Teen Websites to Know - neat!


Kelly said...

Hi Jill,

I'm a fan of your blog and read it weekly. I came across a fun marketing & moving idea that I wanted to make sure you say - it came across on Publicity Hound newsletter -


Jill said...

Hi, Kelly! Thanks for reading and thanks too for this idea. I appreciate your contribution!

Emily said...

Way to hit the nail on the head in identifying a great target segment of the community for libraries to reach out to. You're so right about what a rich opportunity lies in reaching out to these savvy and influential ladies (and I don't just say that because I'm one of them!).

Actually, when you think of it, the kind of word of mouth buzz busy young mothers could bring to your library and it's services is a pretty tantalizing incentive for providing services that appeal to and are marketed towards them.

Unfortunately for me, my own local library has very little to offer to me and other young mothers like myself, especially if they work (as most do in our community). And even if programs and services that would appeal were added, I know the folks at the library would "put a mention in the newsletter" as their big marketing strategy. I don't know about other moms, but the library newsletter goes right in the junk mail in my house...