Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Marketing With Blogs?

Have you thought about using blogs as marketing tools? Well, the jury may be out as to how effective they are, but they may be worth considering depending on your needs. A 2003 article in Marketing Library Services "Why and How to Use Blogs to Promote Your Library's Services" has some helpful hints and examples of how to get the biggest bang for your buck using blogs. Recently, the Wall Street Journal publised an article called "Blogs Keep Internet Customers Coming Back" that does a good job of spelling out the do's and don'ts of blog advertising. You may also want to check out Terence K. Huwe's article, "Born to Blog" in Computers in Libraries, November/December 2003, 44-45.

While there is some debate about the vaule of blogs as advertising, there seems to be one point of consensus: Avoid being pushy! In fact, a blog with personality and good information may be all that you need to attract patrons without overtly "selling them" on a service.

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