Monday, May 07, 2007

Give your patron engagement skills a Swift Kick in the...

well, you know what! An advisor-friend of mine turned me on to this outstanding blog produced by an education company called Swift Kick. The company actually has two blogs, but the one of most interest to us is one called Swift Kick Technology: Increasing Engagement in Education through Technology, Community, Leadership and Training. The content is Web 2.0-centric, and any librarian seeking to engage patrons through online communities and/or technology in general could greatly benefit from reading this blog. Consider some of the most recent posts:

Lest you think that this blog is all Facebook all the time, there are posts on video game learning, personal blogging, and collaborative learning.

These readings will hopefully ignite (or, as in my case, reignite) your enthusiasm for participating in social networking sites for library marketing and relationship-building (which are pretty much the same thing anyway).

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Tom Krieglstein said...

Hi Jill, thanks for the shoutout on your post about our blog Swift Kick Technology.

I wanted to make sure you didn't get lost as we switched our blogs. We closed the SK Tech blog a while ago and merged it into the our new blog Activities and Affairs: All for One.

The idea is to be a central location for all things related to Student Affairs. Your input on the project would be great as it is community driven. Take care. Tom.