Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Tune in to teen views

If teens and/or college students are in your target market, take a listen to what's on their minds via the podcast series Acorns & Merlot. I learned of this production in an issue of's e-mail newsletter, which describes the series this way:

"This is the high school you're not seeing on TV. For a first person candid account of what’s on the minds of teens, check out the podcast series Acorns & Merlot. Anchored by two 18-year-old Pittsburg shock jocks, the weekly show—which is self-described as a podcast for the "adolescent aristocrat" —started in Fall 2005 when co-host Lucian Wintrich IV wanted to share a funny story about his homecoming dance. He continued podcasting whenever he had another story worth telling, and a few months later, he met his co-host Marc Werner. With guest hosts and friends sometimes joining them on air, the (semi)consistent weekly show is now broadcast live so that listeners can call in or participate in a live online chat room on the show's site.

The show has at times attracted 5,000 listeners/episode, and in a recent 30-day period, was downloaded almost 9,000 times. Wintrich and Werner plan to continue the show when they head off to college, so stay tuned next year for an insider’s look at freshman collegiate life."
I've only had a chance to listen to a small snippet, but did notice that some episodes are labeled "explicit," so listen at your own risk. ;-)


Artorios said...

Very interesting....though listening to that I really feel old!

Anonymous said...

Hello...not sure how I found your blog...but i am enjoying reading it. You may want to visit the james j hill library here in st paul., i think. They do an amazing job of marketing--if you havent seen them, before.

~best~GL HOFFMAN, Jobdig, Minneapolis
what would dad say

Jill said...

Hi, GL! Glad you stumbled on the blog and thanks a lot for your recommendation of the James J. Hill Library. I'll look into their appraoch to marketing - I appreciate the tip! :-)