Tuesday, June 26, 2007

More on Meebo chat

As a newbie to Meebo, I didn't realize that chats are saved in handy logs. This is a great (new?) feature, and one worth knowing about if you plan on using it for your own library marketing purposes. This also means that I didn't have to copy/paste/e-mail the (incomplete) transcript for those of you who participated in the Library Marketing Exchange branding chat (sorry!). Here's a complete and much more attractive transcript of the branding chat that took place on June 14th: http://chatlogs.meebo.com/room/librarymarketingexchange/logs/2007/06/14/

See you in the next chat!


Karin Dalziel said...

ooo! lovely - thanks!

Jill said...

I thought you might like that, Karin! :-)

Chris Olson said...

Hi Jill!

Very cool. I love it. I'll be back to publishing Marketing Treasures shortly and will point people to your blog and Meebo chats. Hope this finds you enjoying the summer!

Jill said...

Nice to hear from you, Chris!

I'm excited to see how the Meebo experiment goes. Thanks for your support. :-) Hope your summer is nice too!