Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Staying on top of marketing research

If you're serious about staying ahead of the latest in the marketing lit, consider setting up alerts in your favorite databases. When Ebsco began offering RSS feeds for its alerts, I was eager to try it out for one of the databases I like best for marketing research - PsycInfo. In PsycInfo, I'm mainly looking for consumer behavior research and there are great resources to be found. My recent alerts brought me interesting and potentially-relevant-for-libraries titles like "When Service Fails: The Role of the Salesperson and the Customer," "Usability Beyond the Website: An Empirically-Grounded E-commerce Evaluation Instrument for the Total Customer Experience," and "Campus Spies? Using Mystery Students to Evaluate University Performance." You'd also be surprised by what good stuff you can find in Services Marketing Quarterly and Journal of Services Marketing, for examples. I haven't gotten around to setting up alerts in business databases yet, but if you'd like to copy/adapt the search I set up for PsycInfo, here it is:

(DE "Consumer Research") or (DE "Consumer Surveys") or (DE "Advertising") or (DE "Brand Names") or (DE "Brand Preferences") or (DE "Consumer Attitudes") or (DE "Consumer Behavior") or (DE "Consumer Satisfaction") or (DE "Marketing") or (DE "Product Design")

I'll see how it works and modify it as needed, but so far this search is turning up good information! Feel free to share your tips for keeping up-to-date with marketing literature.

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