Friday, June 23, 2006

Where have I been? (Or, resources that slipped by me)

The Church of the Customer named a couple of resources I didn't know about that made me feel like I've been asleep at the wheel! How on earth did I miss WOMMA's Research Blog?! This blog is terrific, especially for those of you who want to do word-of-mouth in library marketing efforts, but get stuck when you consider how to measure it. The authors describe the blog this way, "We started this blog, along with the companion email newsletter, to highlight the latest develoments [sic] in word of mouth marketing measurement and metrics. Our goal is for this to become the definitive go-to resource for all the latest research and studies." From what I've read, I'd say this is resource is quite practical for planning and evaluation purposes. Also, you'll find that business-types are conducting research on this very topic and that the literature is exploding with stuff that you may want to look over.

The second site that snuck under my radar is called marktd. Marktd is a collection of marketing articles ranked by readers, billed as "marketing news for marketers by marketers." That about sums it up!

While we're on the topic of resources, MarketingSherpa opened up voting for its 2006 Reader's Choice Blog and Podcasting Awards. They've extended voting until Monday, June 26th, so, if your aggregator is looking empty these days (ha!) you might want to pop over to scope out the nominees and see what's hot in Marketing Land.

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