Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Playing the marketing game...and winning

Over the weekend, I put up a post on the Designing Better Libraries blog called Playful Design. I'm sharing it with you on LM as well because the post's theme is highly relevant to librarian-marketers. In it, I outlined 12 learning principles discussed by James Paul Gee at the Gaming Learning and Libraries Symposium. These learning principles can be applied to library services to make them more enjoyable and widely-used. Play is a serious consideration as we develop meaningful patron experiences. Employing playful elements in our services can:

  • Create a feeling of community; Bring together people of various backgrounds
  • Engage and excite users by making them active participants
  • Nurture word-of-mouth communications
  • Increase the value of educational services by improving learning outcomes; Teach patrons how to effectively use our services
  • Make using the library fun. :-)
Let's get game and play around with our services!

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