Monday, May 08, 2006

Open up and say ahh-right to open-source marketing

One of the best summaries of what open-source marketing is all about appeared on a new-to-me blog called Modern Marketing. In it, the authors describe the origins and principles behind this new trend of inviting customers to co-create brands with companies and organizations. For a sneak-peek at the future of marketing, check out the post!

Speaking of the future of marketing, I'm giving a talk this Thursday about marketing trends for the SOLINET Annual Membership Meeting ("Library Marketing with Meaning: Keeping Up with the Future"), the themes of which are eerily similar to the Modern Marketing post! (No wonder it struck a chord with me!). Anyway, wireless should be plentiful and I'm hoping to be able to blog on-location from Atlanta. There are a number of very interesting talks planned that could be handy for us librarian-marketers, so I'll be sure to pass the highlights on to you. I'll also share my PowerPoint for those who may be interested. I'm leaving Wednesday, but if my blogging plans should fail, I should be back up-and-running by Tuesday of next week.

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Nicole M. said...

Funny you should mention co-creating with customers. The Clioinstitute blog just posted something based off the May 2006 brief that relates to this. See for more info.

Thanks for posting about this topic!

Jill said...

Thanks, Nicole! The library example was really terrific! For some reason, the link you provided didn't work right, but readers can find the post here.