Thursday, July 13, 2006

Enlivening e-mail

For many of us, e-mail is an important promotional tool, but are we using it to its fullest potential? A marketing research report featured on suggests that e-mail subject lines that are very specific have the best chances of increasing conversion rates (or, in our case, getting patrons to read the e-mails and/or take an action). The report comes from where you can find numerous reports on e-mail marketing, including one about launching effective e-mail campaigns that reveals ten key points for getting the most out of e-mail.

As I was looking around on, I also found a terrific article, Putting Personality into your E-newsletter. Yes! Thank you, MarketingProfs! (Free registration required). I like this article because it recognizes the distinction between adding a touch of human authenticity and going overboard with getting way too personal, and instructs people on how to find the right balance.

Update: The 7/17/06 edition of the Wall Street Journal has an article called, "Marketers Give Email Another Look" that describes research done regarding which parts of an e-mail message get the most attention. The research found that graphical icons and terms like "solutions" raised some eyebrows, but that the word "free" got little notice.

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