Thursday, January 04, 2007

Egads! I've been tagged!

Thank you to Nancy Dowd of The "M" Word for tagging me! So now I have to think of 5 interesting things to share about myself that most people probably don't know. So I guess that means I can skip over the obvious stuff like the fact I'm a library/marketing nerd. :) This is tougher than it sounds, but here goes nothin':

  1. Other than close family/friends/co-workers, not many people know that I got engaged the weekend before Christmas to the World's Best Guy - Merry Christmas to me! I have a feeling I'll be exposed to a lot of new-to-me marketing tactics as I try to plan a wedding, so stay tuned.
  2. In my younger days, I displayed artistic tendencies in the form of drawing. I was pretty good at it too. Today, I don't draw as much but I am eerily proficient at wielding an Etch-A-Sketch. I managed to impress/unnerve a few colleagues with that "skill." (By the way, I highly recommend Etch-A-Sketching for stress-relief).
  3. Another hobby tidbit: I enjoy decorating cakes (and cookies, cupcakes, assorted baked goods). I'm even trained (completed Cake Decorating Level 1!). I'll be putting my decorating abilities to the test when I make a cake for a colleague's wedding in the fall when I'll have to experiment with tiers!
  4. I'm an Ohio State alum and absolutely loved the time I spent in Columbus. We don't have a bad football team either! While none of this is terribly surprising, what is surprising to many is that I actually lived inside the football stadium for 2 years before they took the dorms out to make room for more stands. I remember the sound of feet stomping over my head as people cheered the team on and the icky smell of sticky pop as it drained outside the stadium the day after a game. Honestly, it was great. Ah, memories...Go Bucks!
  5. Pink. I really like the color pink these days. Seems like every article of clothing or accessory I buy is pink or has pink in it. I have no idea why...
Fascinating, no? ;-) Now it's my turn to do the tagging (in no particular order): Teresa Hartman, Ken Varnum, Candi Clevenger, Paul Williams and Johnathan Silberman.


Nancy Dowd said...

What a great list. Congrats on the engagement I am sure we'll be seeing lots of marketing ideas in your blog since we all know the wedding industry has to be the best - afterall what other industry can get people to spend ten of thousands of dollars for a one day event???

Jill said...

Thanks, Nancy! Yeah, I can already see that the wedding industry has this marketing thing down to a science - yikes!!

Sybil F. Stershic said...

Jill, congratulations on your engagement! And have fun navigating the wedding planning.
I believe one of the benefits of studying & practicing marketing is that it makes you a better, savvier consumer ... keep that in mind and you'll be fine when dealing with wedding planners & suppliers.

Jill said...

Thanks so much, Sybil! :-)