Monday, January 08, 2007

Top trends

The January 2007 Trend Briefing from has been making the rounds on in the blogosphere, but belongs here as well. Take a look at what Trendwatching foresees as the Top 5 Consumer Trends for '07.

In other trendy news, It's All Good reports on the PEW Internet study, "Social Networking Websites and Teens" and adds that OCLC will be publishing a complementary report in the spring. As an increasing number of non-teens are using these sites, I'd also be interested in knowing more about their social networking behavior. The OCLC study appears to have a broader age range (14+ years) than the PEW study (12-17 years).

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Alane said...

Hi Jill...yes, the survey conducted on our behalf will survey people of any age, above 14, and so should provide a good view of adults too.