Thursday, April 07, 2005

DuPage Library Teleconferences

The College of DuPage's Library Teleconferences are offering some terrific marketing resources and they're free! In one of their new series, "Library Challenges and Opportunities," speakers presented on library marketing and library as place. While these two teleconferences have already taken place, materials from both talks are available online. Of special interest, take a look at "Library Marketing: Tips and Techniques" for speakers' slides as well as online and print resources. Admittedly, I missed this one, but I did have a chance to see "Library as Place: Where People Want to Be," which was excellent. In this talk, library directors described how they have transformed their libraries into attractive destinations, and included a lot of talk about marketing. My jaw dropped as I saw images from the Southfield Michigan Public Library (it's worth your while to take a virtual tour!).

The next teleconference in this series will take place on Friday, April 29th from noon to 2pm. The subject will be "Library Hot Topics" that will delve into pressing issues.

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