Wednesday, April 13, 2005

FORE! Library coming through!

The James E. Walker Library at Middle Tennessee State University has "minted" a fun way to reach out to students on campus. Librarians rove around on their MintMobile handing out, well, mints of course, while talking to students about library services.

The MintMobile has been warmly received by students. According to William Black, Administrative Services Librarian at MTSU, the project began last year as librarians wanted a way to get out of the library and build a rapport with students. Black states, "We succeeded in arranging for a booth during the lunch period at the university commons and started decorating and taking the golf cart out to talk to students about the library. One of the phrases we used was "Don't Google yourself out of an 'A'."

Thanks to William Black for sharing this idea and pics!

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