Thursday, December 15, 2005

Marketers are taking over the world (and you're one of them!)

Did you know that everyone in your library is a marketer (including you)? Well it's true! I was glad to see this article from MarketingProfs that describes how everyone on staff is performing a marketing function of some sort. This is also why internal marketing is so important and should be a part of your strategy. The author's remarks sum it all up: "Weave the work of the marketing department into the daily lives of all employees: Make sure everyone knows core messaging and value propositions; teach everyone to think like a marketer; provide easy mechanisms for people to report market feedback and needs into the marketing department." Exactly!


Candi said...


I agree so much with this post I had to remind people on my blog too.

Thanks for pointing out this article!

Matt Blumberg said...


Thanks for the posting and link. I'm always glad to know someone reads these things!

-Matt Blumberg

Jill said...

My pleasure! It's great work, thank you!