Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The Force is with partnerships

Ok, on a blog about marketing I couldn't resist talking about the ubiquitous Star Wars marketing efforts. Star War is EVERYWHERE due to the myriad of partnerships they've formed with companies like Burger King and Kellogg (for more insights, take a look at this recent article from Direct Marketing News). This Star Wars endeavor raises an interesting question for librarians: Are we maximizing our marketing potential by partnering with other units, businesses, departments, etc.?

In my position, I've been lucky to find receptive campus units willing to include the library in various fairs and events. As someone new to the University, this option is particularly appealing because the infrastructure and publicity for these events is already established, and we can easily plug into them. After some successful involvement, we are now on the radar and can take a more active role in the planning phases. It takes time do develop a rapport, but I've found the benefits of partnerships to be essential.

I am eager to hear about ways in which you all have flexed your marketing muscle with other partners. What was your experience like? Please comment or submit a post for inclusion on the blog!

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