Monday, August 22, 2005

It's a brand new day...and a brand new resource

I discovered a new blog out there from Business Week called Brand New Day: Thoughts on Marketing and Advertising, which I recommend you take a peek at even if you don't subscribe to the feed. I like the way that the authors analyze events and popular culture through the lens of marketing.

"Why," you may be asking yourself, "does Jill insist on passing along these business-type sites when we are clearly librarian-type people?" Good question! The answer is two-fold. One: I really, really like marketing. It's fascinating and it affects every part of our lives, not just the library part. So, for me, thinking about how marketing works in the wider world is educational and gets ideas going that I can apply to the library. Two: Libraries are not immune to marketing forces. Ideas about product life cycles and consumer product classifications don't stop applying once you hit the library's doors. Business people have been studying this kind of stuff for a long time and I like to see what they've come up with. But don't worry, I'm always on the lookout for librarian-type info too!

By the way, watchful readers may have noticed that I'm no longer doing an Outside the Book [Marketing] Word of the Week (W.O.W.!). That's because I want to try out an idea for a different weekly offering soon. I might even get it going next Monday...we'll see.

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