Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Writing for results

I know that a lot of you write newsletters, blogs and brochures aimed at your patrons, so I thought I'd point out a recent article that might be of some help to you called How to Write Sales Literature That Sells. Written from a business perspective, it's not hard to translate into library-ese. Here are some of the salient points (translated for your reading enjoyment):

  • Keep in constant communication with your patrons--Use your points of contact and advisory boards to uncover common questions and concerns.

  • Put your main points in headings and subheadings--Patrons won't linger long.

  • Show that you understand your patrons problems, and how you can fix them.

  • Include captions with your photos--People will read them.

  • Use specific examples of how others have benefitted from library services.

  • Give patrons extra incentives--If a patron turns up at an event you mention, maybe they can get a coupon for your coffee bar or a sneak peek at a new tool.

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