Monday, August 14, 2006

Aggregator additions

Two new-to-me marketing blogs caught my eye in recent days and you may also find them worthy of your aggregator:

Emergence Marketing is written by the president of Corante, Inc. and a marketer who specializes in marketing information technology products. As the authors assert, the blog is about, "Thoughts on marketing, innovation, social networking, new products and the impact of technology on all those thingies." There's fascinating stuff here, and I'm particularly excited about the technology slant on marketing that the blog offers (more on technology and marketing libraries to come!).

The second blog called The Brand Builder Blog was recently named one of the Top 11 Word of Mouth Blogs (as was Emergence Marketing). While the blog appears to be lacking much detail about the authors, the posts are solid (and the cute chihuahua doesn't hurt either! ;-) ).

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