Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Marketing frenzy at ASU

Check out Steven Cohen's report of ASU Libraries' marketing efforts to kick off the new academic year! The intrepid librarians at ASU set up an information tent where they provided directional assistance and water for thirsty students. (By the way, campus event organizers tell me that water is a very popular give-away item. It seems to have worked for ASU-they gave out over 2,100 bottles in 2 days!). You can catch the action on Flicker. ASU Libraries also released its selection of podcasts.

Update: I noticed that one of the podcasts offered is a 3-part series entitled, Matching Innovations to Environment by Joan Frye Williams. The description states, "Joan explains how librarians can improve their chances of success by implementing the innovations that best match their particular type of library environment. She demonstrates [sic] and why innovation is seldom easy, and even best practices aren’t "one size fits all."' I'm looking forward to listening to these because I believe that good marketing planning considers trends and new technologies in the context of an organization's goals, strengths and weaknesses. New isn't always better when it doesn't serve the target market and the organization.

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