Monday, August 21, 2006

Sweetening your brand with M&M's

According to news sources, Masterfoods USA will be allowing companies to feature logos or messages on M&M candies. Currently, customers can add their own messages to the candies, but this new service will allow businesses stick their logos on these bite-size treats.

I deemed this newsworthy for two reasons: 1. This service may be attractive to libraries looking for new and different promotion vehicles, although, it'll cost you (there will be a $100 set-up fee and $30 per pound charge for the customized candies). 2. This is yet another example of how customers seek ever-higher degrees of customization and how companies, like Masterfoods USA, are opening up their brands to allow for greater interactions with customers. We are seeing this trend spill over into the library world in our services and products in the form of customizable RSS feeds, alerts, and interfaces to name a few.

If anyone has had experiences with customizing M&M's for library promotion purposes, or has thoughts on this trend toward customization, please feel free to share them here!

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