Thursday, August 31, 2006

Improving PR

MarketingSherpa posted a brief article/interview with the VP of Communications for Stonyfield Farms, Cathleen Toomey. Toomey shares her experiences in landing a job at Stonyfield as well as two tips for getting your PR work to be appreciated by upper management.

Speaking of PR, the famed Publicity Hound Joan Stewart has a free PR tutorial, 89 Ways to Write Powerful Press Release that takes the form of an e-mail per day for 89 consecutive days (via LibTalk blog). I signed up for the tutorial but, admittedly, I've had trouble keeping up with the one-per-day regimen, though the ones I've been able to read are practical and succinct.

If 89 PR tips isn't enough for you, I found a new-to-me marketing site called Go-To-Market Strategies that offers a free newsletter called The Resource. What's nice is that the tips contained in The Resource are available online arranged by subject. The categories listed include PR and also Marketing Planning, Branding, Marketing Communications, Promotions and Lead Generation, Product/Services Launch, and Sales Planning and Management.

Enjoy, PR enthusiasts!

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