Friday, January 06, 2006

Advertising has a 2.0 version too!

You have probably all heard about the Web 2.0, but advertising has a newer, better version too! Marketers are keenly aware that traditional approaches (TV and radio spots, mailings, banner ads and the like) are not cutting the mustard anymore. Instead, marketers are looking to enter into the vast social networks, on and offline, that are bubbling up thanks to people's almost constant connectivity. What's the Advertising 2.0 approach then? Word-of-mouth. Take a look at this article from ClickZ. It's a brief but very good take on what exactly word-of-mouth means and how it is scalable, remixable, and encourages participation. The author, Dave Evans, asserts that the time has come to take advantage of social networks to get honest marketing messages through the clutter by working with consumers. I agree that librarians should also make their presence known in these social circles to remain relevant. I'd also recommend you read the Evans' previous article on the consideration-cycle marketing, which focuses on post-purchase word-of-mouth and how customers generate their own marketing messages. As Evans states, "Ultimately, it's about reaching consumers through an invited presence in social networks. Marketers must launch great products that offer true value and engage potential customers in genuine conversation at the critical consideration point in the buying cycle. Combine consideration-cycle marketing with your current programs, and collect the dividends of a connected world." I'll be very interested to see how librarians make use of these techniques as advertising evolves.

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