Monday, January 30, 2006

Remember: memories make great marketing

A North Carolina library is celebrating 100 years of serving its community. As part of the celebration, patrons gathered to recount their memories of the library and what it means to them, according to the Winston-Salem Journal. These walks down memory lane were videotaped and "Library Memories" cards were placed throughout the branches so others can share their experiences.

Patrons' stories are among the most compelling marketing messages you can share. Honest, heartfelt experiences from one patron to another are much more effective than library-sponsored promotions alone. You may want to consider making space on your Web page or newsletters for patrons' quotes, comments, and stories about what the library means to make your marketing more compelling.

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Norma said...

I'm in a writing memoirs group, and I don't think we've ever written about how libraries have contributed to our lives. I may suggest this to the group. Who knows, maybe the library will want to use some ideas.