Thursday, January 26, 2006

WOMBAT presentations now online for you WOMers

The Word of Mouth Marketing Association recently completed its WOMBAT (Word of Mouth Basic Training) conference and you can now get the presentations free online without registration! [By the way, isn't it nice to know that librarians aren't the only ones who are acronym-happy?!]

I've breezed through some of these and I can tell you that there is plenty to be found here that is relevant to library-types. There are heaps of how-to's and a cache of case studies. Here are just some topics to whet your appetite for WOM goodness:

  • How to Use Online Feedback To Improve Your Marketing
  • How to Motivate Fans, Advocates, and Evangelists
  • How to Create Great Blogs That Get People Talking
  • Word of Mouth 101: Core Strategies and Tactics
  • Measurement 1: Measuring the Impact of Word of Mouth
  • How To Use Amazing Customer Experience and Product Design To Get People Talking
You can get to all the presentations by following the WOMBAT post and using the links to Day One and Day Two agendas. Bon appetit!

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