Thursday, February 16, 2006

Good stuff from the blogosphere

There were a couple of good relevant-for-librarian-marketers posts on Church of the Customer recently:

The first mentions a recent study that reports 68% of people in the U.S. trust "a person like me" as their most credible source of information (I was hoping it would be librarians :) ). Most impressively, this figure is up from 20% just 3 years ago!! This is a mammoth, flashing sign to librarians that in order to be successful marketers, we need to understand and utilize word-of-mouth techniques and focus our attention on building strong, significant relationships with our patrons who will spread the word on our behalf.

The second post illustrates how work spaces can foster (or hinder) creativity. What's most interesting (other than the very cool workspace featured) is that if you go to the Idea Sandbox site mentioned in the post, you'll find the corporate site of a guy who has worked in marketing for Disney, Aramark, and Starbucks. His site is pretty neat, and provides links to creative resources and other good stuff for getting into an innovative mindset. It warrants a bookmark. And, guess what, he offers a blog too!


Paul (from Idea Sandbox) said...

Thank you for... the kind words and the link to Idea Sandbox, Jill! - Paul

Jill said...

Thank you for the creativity resources in the Idea Sandbox! I'm really enjoying exploring them.