Friday, February 03, 2006

The Super Bowl of advertising

Whether you root for the Seahawks or the Steelers, you can always cheer for the great ads that are interrupted by the occasional field goal or touchdown (just kidding, football fans!). The Super Bowl offers a perfect opportunity to see what some of the best brains in advertising have come up with and to learn from them. Try keeping an eye out for who the target audience may be and how advertisers try to lure them in, including what language, imagery, social references and emotional hooks they employ. has a sneak peek at upcoming ads and the latest news. Or, you can stop on over to for its online collection of Superbowl ads (via AdRants). TV advertisers are a little nervous these days about reaching the masses they were once able to, so looking at news coverage of their evolving strategies like this use of microsites as extensions to commercials can inspire some creative ideas.

You may also want to read how Steelers fans are taking the marketing ball on behalf of their team and running with it by creating their own photos, videos and slideshows! (Oh, the possibilities for libraries!).

Have a good weekend and happy ad-watching!

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