Thursday, February 02, 2006

What's on the horizon for academic types

What's on the horizon in academia, you ask? The 2006 Horizon Report (PDF) tries to answer with its projections about what emerging technologies will have the most impact on teaching and learning in higher education. For you academic-types in the audience, this report helps to inform our marketing efforts, and it's just plain interesting material for all librarians to look over. The report describes four key trends having to do with the increasing acceptance of social computing, mobile and personal technology for service delivery, individualization of services, and the need for collaboration.

[Thanks to Steven Bell's post on the ACRLog for pointing out this helpful research! You should see his original post for his comments about the lack of librarian involvement on the Horizon Project Advisory Board that put together this report, and his call to action. A good example of the need to market ourselves/services on a large scale!]

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