Tuesday, March 28, 2006

CGM training in podcast form

The Church of the Customer blog co-author Jackie Huba describes a podcast that she and other marketing mavens created on the topics of consumer-generated media (CGM), consumer-generated content (CGC) and citizen marketing. The podcast is part 1 of 2. According to Huba's post, "We discuss how social media is changing the landscape for marketers, examples of this new media/content and what marketers should do to embrace the people who are creating this stuff." I'll be listening to it for sure and I recommend you do the same as this is a very important marketing development, particularly for librarians.

Update: I did get a chance to listen to this yesterday and I wanted to give you the scoop: In this Part One, the speakers mainly discussed the meaning of CGM and also the other terminology used to describe this idea of customers creating "media stuff." They debated the pros and cons of the calling it CGM, CGC, or citizen marketing, and they did start touching on examples like the whole Snakes on a Plane phenomenon. I think that Part Two, which will be up next week, will focus on what companies can and should do about this form of customer involvement with brands.

I'll give you my take on all of this after I hear Part Two next week.

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