Tuesday, March 28, 2006

More media, less patience

OMD released a study on consumers' media engagement. (While you have to pay AdWeek.com to read the entire thing, a short summary is available here). The significant findings:

  • Media consumption takes up more of people's time than sleep.
  • Consumers' top complaint is deteriorating personal interactions (their second most common complaint is unwanted advertising interruptions).
  • Consumers have been slow to adopt new media devices like MP3 players and PDA's.
OMD CEO Page Thompson says the study is significant because, "it underscores the need to move from an advertising marketplace that is based on impressions and demographics to one that is based on behavior and engagement."

This kind of data could be useful to librarians to as we think about moving our services into the realms of cell phones and other mobile devices as it helps us to better understand patrons' use of and attitude toward technology, as well as the context in which our services will be used.

Update: On a related note, The Kept-Up Academic Librarian points to a survey that suggests about 80% of podcast downloads never make it to MP3 players; they're consumed at the computer.

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