Monday, July 18, 2005

Become a student at Blog U

I'm really excited to mention Blog U, which is going to be a terrific opportunity to learn about all things blog. As you may know, blogs have been getting a lot of attention as marketing tools, and they can be an important way to share info about your library with patrons. Blog U, a mini preconference that is part of WebSearch University, will be a fun way to learn more about how to get the most out of blogs. Topics include:

  • Technology options

  • Getting buy-in

  • Interface design: look, feel, & usability

  • Case studies & real-world applications

  • RSS & getting the most out of your feed

  • Guidelines, policies, & ethics

  • Writing good content for Weblogs

  • Marketing library staff & client Weblogs

Blog U takes place on Sunday, September 18th in Arlington, VA. I was very surprised and flattered to be asked to speak at this event, and I'm looking forward to meeting and learning from a lot of notable librarian-bloggers. I hope that if you come, you will introduce yourself to me! I'm sure it'll be a good time and I can't wait to experiment with all of these new ideas! Hope to see ya!

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