Monday, July 25, 2005

Outside the Book - W.O.W.!

The (marketing) Word of the Week for this week is: psychographic analysis - "A technique that investigates how people live, what interests them, and what they like; it is also called life style analysis or AlO because it relies on a number of statements about a person's activities, interests, and opinions."

Knowing as much as possible about patrons' AIOs can help you devise an effective marketing mix and make better marketing segments. For example, what hobbies do your patrons have? Are they interested in community issues? What are their opinions about education?

There are even companies who specialize in gathering this info, like SRIC-BI's VALS service. It's interesting to see the 8 segments where VALS places people. You can also take the VALS survey to see how people in the biz figure out their customers' lifestyles.

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