Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Open source marketing with blogs!

MarketingVOX mentioned an ingenious idea from Public Radio International. RPI is experimenting with blogs as tools for creating captivating programming. A New York Times article this week (Talk Radio Starts the Chat With a Blog) describes how RPI includes views from the blogosphere, but also has its own blog, Open Source, where listeners can make suggestions for program content. Producers chime in and listeners can watch program planning as it evolves, including what works and what doesn't. Plus, the content is also available as a podcast and listeners can continue converstations about a program after it's off the air. RPI is looking at ways it can automatically turn voicemails into mp3's and stick them in as threads on the blog. What an incredible marketing idea!

Just imagine turning some library programming over to patrons in the blogosphere! Patrons could participate in planning and offer up some of their thoughts (and it couldn't hurt if they talked their friends about it!).

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