Monday, July 11, 2005

Outside the Book - W.O.W.!

Consider this week's (marketing) Word of the Week, and think about looking inward before marketing outward: internal marketing.

The American Marketing Association defines internal marketing like this: "Marketing to employees of an organization to ensure that they are effectively carrying out desired programs and policies."

While you're busy making marketing magic, don't forget to let your colleagues in on your plans. They can be your best spokespeople and push your message/service at patrons' points of need. Just imagine how much more punch your campaign could pack if everyone is singing the same tune to patrons!

Here's a "for instance": This fall, we're rolling out a new series of open workshops. Part of our rollout plan is to train staff about our new offerings so that they can recommend them to patrons as appropriate - right when they're most likely to need the help.

Put internal marketing to use by thinking about two audiences for your marketing endeavors: your target market and your staff who will help put your plan into action!

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