Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The alternative teen scene

I've been meaning to post about this incredible find for a while now: If you work with teens, you really ought to make Alternative Teen Services one of your top must-read blogs. The content is just fantastic, with two teen services librarians' views on working with their patrons. Here's their description: "Welcome to the Alternative Teen Services web site. This web site is the collaborative effort of two teen librarians who work for the Kansas City Public Library. It is a grassroots publication tool that we use to share our personal ideas and our collection of resources with the public. It is not an authoritative source on working with teens. Instead, it is a look at our take on serving teens, what we think is important, and a collection of resources that other teen librarians can use such as program ideas, collections ideas, and general theory for serving teens. We want this web site to be fun, informative, and inspirational"

The authors seem really passionate about what they do and they have lots of creative programming ideas. I first found them when reading the post, Library 2.0 Services to Teens, which lists public libraries that are connecting with teens through podcasting, MySpace, blogs, etc. Very neat! The authors are also looking for contributors, if any of you are so inclined.

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