Monday, April 24, 2006

A plethora of presentations

Steven Cohen of Library Stuff fame posted a reminder about a presentation he gave on libraries and communities with SIRSI/DYNIX Institute, which prompted me to take a look-see at this and other offerings that are available on the site. There are lots of very promising presentations! In addition to Steven's, I'd also take a look at Alane Wilson's on the OCLC perceptions report (this got high marks from Candice Clevenger on her LibTalk blog). I've listened to Dr. Koontz's "Knowing Who We Serve Presentation," and would recommend it if you need some instruction in marketing basics like the 4 P's and segmentation. I also really enjoyed Pat Wagner's "Fast, Cheap and Decent Strategic Planning."

These and many more presentations are available on the SIRSI/DYNIX archive. Enjoy! :)

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