Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Get a grip on your community standing

This study conducted by the Urban Libraries Council has been floating around on the blogosphere, and details how successful Chicago libraries have bolstered their community standing and formed partnerships (from Infoblog). I checked out the "Engaged Library Toolbox" as other recommended, and it consists of a series of worksheets that take stock of your community and library assets. Essentially, it's a SWOT analysis that focuses on community building. The only piece I see missing from what I've read is guidance in deciding which of the potential opportunities you uncover should be pursued. Most of us can't do them all, which is why in addition to looking at strengths and opportunities as this toolbox does, it's important to look at threats and weaknesses. Doing so allows you to hone in on what you can realistically accomplish and/or fix the things you need to so that you can go after certain opportunities. This guide from QuickMBA.com outlines how to do a SWOT and also gives you an example of a SWOT Matrix that allows you to analyze what your SWOT means.

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