Friday, September 09, 2005

Another acronym to love: OMP

Librarians can't have enough acronyms, and OMP is one more to learn to love. OMP stands for Open Marketing Project. OMP is similar to topics we've discussed before like open source marketing, participatory marketing, and so on. I bring it up again because I'm very excited about the idea and believe that librarians could have lots of success by taking OMP and running with it.

An article from outlines what OMP is and how it can be applied. They give examples of the possibilites such as "Companies involved in event marketing could seek input from an OMP group who could develop an event plan and even execute certain tasks," and "An online content provider could institute an OMP in order to solicit ideas and designs for adding new content categories."

In my work, I'm attempting to apply OMP in a couple of different ways. First, we are establishing and undergraduate advisory committee in which members will be expected to plan and carry out one program every semester. Also, a professor in the School of Business has graciously allowed me to tailor the term project for her undergraduate service marketing class so that students have to devise a new library reference service for undergrads! How great is that?! OMP has so much appeal to me because it helps me to stay in touch with our patrons and their points of view while giving them a stake in the success of the library. I'll let you know the results of our experiments as they evolve.

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