Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Mindshare marketing

c/o ResourceShelf:

An interesting summary of how the National Library Board of Singapore repositioned its libraries and librarians as a "dynamic, forwardlooking, innovative, fun and trendy." Neat to see how they segmented their patrons according to values ("Career-Minded," "Active Info Seeker," etc.) and associated those segments with "Reading Lifestyles." Nice example of repositioning.

Here's the article and abstract:

Title: Gaining Mindshare and Timeshare: Marketing Public Libraries (pdf)

Abstract: "This presentation is an examination of how the National Library Board had successfully gained market share by redefining its market space and remaking the image of libraries and librarians. Libraries were repositioned to gain mindshare and timeshare among Singaporeans, competing against the cinema, TV, video games and other leisure activities, becoming the Third Place after home and work for many."

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