Thursday, June 02, 2005

Sandwich with a side of knowledge

Thanks to David Fulton for writing in from the Liverpool Public Library in New York and sharing a fun and innovative marketing and outreach program the library's undertaking!

Here's the scoop, according to David:

"We've been doing a library outreach program at the local Panera Bread. I set up my laptop and, using their wireless network, answer reference questions, them our online databases and how to search the catalog. People can also sign up for library cards and enter a raffle for a totebag full of library stuff; mugs, pens, bookmarks, etc. We're trying to get the library out into the community and show them that we're technically hip. Everyone thinks it's a cool idea but you should see the face of a half-asleep coffee junkie when you ask them if they have a library card."

Way to go! If you'd like more information about this project, check out David's blog at

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