Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Some Kept-Up Keepers

Steven Bell's The Kept-Up Academic Librarian blog has two posts today of interest to librarian-marketers at colleges and universities:

From Clients To Consumers describes the trend toward consumerism in college education. Students, it seems, are not just in school for the education, but for amenities as well. Makes me think of the trend to market libraries as research places AND social spaces. The consumeristic attitude of our patrons shapes their expectations, expectations that we are constantly trying to meet or beat. (No wonder we look to Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble for ideas!)

The Harvard Brand Is More Powerful Than Ever post is a reminder of the power of a good brand. Despite sky-high tuition costs, relative parity among its peers, and no guarantee of post-graduation jobs, Harvard continues to reel 'em in.

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